Snowmobile tours

Wild Winter Wonderland


From end of November to begining of April

  • Experience a full day of off trail riding

  • One stop at a warm place for lunch and fill up (ex:Veilleux Camping & Marina)

  • Group of 8 sleds maximum

  • Safety: we provide safety equipment like a first aid kit, a rope, dry clothes, spare food, fire etc...

  • All riders must sign our waiver

  • Lots of fun guaranteed! 

*Thunder house lookout

*Deep snow riding

Group of 8 60$ each​, Group of 7 70$ each, Group of 6 80$ each, Group of 5 95$ each, Group of 4 120$ each, Group of 2 240$ each


Destination JAMES BAY


  • 3 days trip

  • Starting from Hearst, we ride along the Missinaibi river. We get to see Thunder House Falls and Hell's Gate Canyon. 

  • We visit Moosonee and Moose Factory region. And James Bay Area.

  • Heated camp half way on the Missinaibi river.

  • 2 guides with sleigh full of gas

  • Each snowmobile should be able to carry 3 gallon of gas

  • Safety: satelite phone, tarp, first aid kit, fire, dry clothes, spare food etc...

  • Group of 8 sleds

  • All riders must sign our waiver

  • Lots of fun guaranteed!

Group of 8 500$ each​, Group of 7 570$ each​, Group of 6 665$ each

French Version


- If the package is for an overnight stay, we will make reservations for hotel/camp .

-All gas expenses are snowmobilers responsability.

-Lunch, Hotel, gas are not included into our packages.

-Waiver must be signed! 

Meeting with the guide a day before the trip is recommended.

Customized packages can be made for your convenience.

Hearst, Ontario

Phone: 705-373-2948

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