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Snowmobile Tours

Destination James Bay

Fully booked for 2023. 


Trips run at the end of February and in March.

Trips run at the end of February and in March.

 3 days trip

Starting from Hearst, we ride along the Missinaibi river. We get to see Thunder House Falls and Hell's Gate Canyon. 


First day

We leave early 300km the first day, food for the trip can be prepared by the Companion Hotel Motel or bring your own, (Thunder House and Hell’s Gate), warm up shack halfway, have dinner and sleep at Onakawana camp

Second day

Breakfast at Onakawana Camp. Exploring James Bay area, Moose Factory and Moosonee, around 200km, more relax day, lunch in Moosonee, diner at Onakawana Camp. Possibility to buy liquor in Moosonee for AT CAMP ONLY.

Third day

Back by Abiti Canyon, about 400km to go back to Hearst, ride ends in Smooth Rock Falls,

choice to come back in Hearst or go in Cochrane, food accommodation at Abitibi Canyon or in Smooth Rock Falls for lunch .

Groups of 12

Price: 600$ + tax each 



Includes: 2 guides pulling sleigh full of gas, Safety: satellite phone, tarp, first aid kit, fire, dry clothes, spare food etc...



Snowmobile, 3 gallons of gas strapped to your snowmobile, personal effects, food, liquor for at the camp only, spare belt, spare Oil

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